Using the ancient Japanese wisdom of Satoyama to preserve the environment and work towards a more sustainable society through the following activities:

Higashida Eco-Club House

1.Consulting on matters related to building a sustainable society
2.Serving as an administrative institution in the field of sustainable society-building
3.Holding lectures, symposia, other events related to sustainability
4.Providing space for information-sharing on matters related to environmental preservation (environmentally friendly or recycled product, etc.)
5.Planning and management of environmental tours
6.Consulting on satoyama preservation
7.Field trips, hiking, camping, recreational tours of satoyama areas
8.Forestry management (investigation, planning, bamboo thinning, weeding, etc.) geared toward the preservation of satoyama
9.Involving citizens in the assessments, planning, and implementation of satoyama preservation
10.Conducting leadership training sessions for those involved in satoyama field studies and preservation
11.Preservation management-related leadership training
12.Distribution of publications related to action as well as concept