8th annual Forest Form/Forest forum in the city

“8th Annual Forest Forum”

People use all of their senses to experience the wonder of nature. In what will be the 8th Annual Forest Forum, Alzheimer’s patients will have the chance to be supported as they spend a day in the Yamada Green Zone, fostering a relationship to nature, interpersonal understanding of elderly patients, as well as confronting an important social issue.

This year’s theme is “connecting the town and the forest.” In addition to the existing human and nature connection in terms of Alzheimer’s care, this year we introduce the “Forest Forum in the City” in downtown Kokura. In adopting a

The power of the forest brings energy and smiles!
On the day of the event, there will be guided tours of the forest, as well as crafts using the gifts of the forest, and other various events. If you would like to raise your spirits with a day in the forest, by all means come and bring friends or family.

Forest Forum in the City—City to the Forest, Forest to the City
For the first time, a trial run of “Forest Forum in the City,” as the heart of Kitakyushu Manabito ESD will be set in the shopping arcade of Kokura.

Infomation for event and location

Information for those interested in volunteering or participating
Forest Forum is now seeking participants and volunteers.
Please fill out the following form and send it by fax.

Application for participants

Application for volunteers

Forest Forum to the Executive Planning Committee
Adress:Yamadamachi, Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka, 803-0865, Japan (in Yamada green park)


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